October 10-on-10

My favorite time of year is finally here! Fall is my happy season. The colors, the smells, the treats… and most of all- time with family. We have lots of traditions that start in the fall that surround the holidays. One of my favorite family traditions is apple picking at Blakes Farm & Cider Mill in Armada, Michigan. We visit this amazing farm all year round to pick everything from strawberries to pumpkins. Our first trip in the fall is always for apples that we make into pies and apple sauce! A couple days ago we went back to pick our Halloween pumpkins too! Bring on ALL the festive things! Here are 10 (ok… maybe a few extra) images from our apple picking adventure that was almost rained out!

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September 10-on-10

This month I was so excited to get my birthday gift a little early and have time to play with it before this post! I got a Lensbaby Twist and I am OBSESSED with the amazing bokeh it creates! I’ve only had the chance to shoot with it a few times since we’ve been busy with all the back to school hullabaloo and getting into a new routine. But here are 10 shots I’ve gotten so far! I can’t wait to create more with this awesome lens!

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100 Days of Summer – Week 14+

I’ve finally reached the end of my 100 Days of Summer project. I say “finally”, but in reality this Summer flew by WAY too fast. All of the girls are happily back in school now, and I’m looking forward to taking a camera break and hoping that Fall will be here with it’s pretty colors and cooler temperatures soon. If you followed me along with this project, I appreciate it! Cheers to another Summer in the books!

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100 Days of Summer – Week 13

Today my two big girls went back to school. Maddie in 5th grade and Sarah in 8th. I’m not sure what it was about this Summer, but it seemed to fly by a lot faster than I remember. I’m sad it’s over (right now more so because I am not a fan of 5:30 am wake up calls that will once again be my new normal), but if I’m honest I also welcome Fall. Fall is my favorite. Who knows… maybe I’ll get more done in these few extra hours I’ll have each morning. Or maybe I’ll just sit like a zombie and drink extra coffee. Only time will tell.

Even though Summer break is technically over, this project lasts until after Labor Day. So one more week to go! Here is week 13!

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100 Days of Summer – Week 11

I’m still trying to get out of this funk and prevent a full blown rut from creeping in. At the advice of some of my beautiful friends, I decided to try a few different things this week. I got a nature shot and {GULP} a self portrait and found it very inspiring. I’m going to try to work these new subjects (including myself) into my work more regularly going forward. It’s out of my comfort zone but a fun challenge! I’ve blabbed long enough… Here is week 11!

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August 10 on 10

This month, we literally stumbled on a natural area on our camping trip FILLED with acres and acres of gorgeous sunflowers. This made me so happy because the field I went to before that is close to our house ended up not planting this year. One evening after a day at the beach, we pulled on to the dirt road that led up the the beautiful blooms and I got out and spent only about 10 or 15 minutes running through the rows with Charlotte. Our family camping trip wasn’t a photography trip, so I made it short so we could get back to our camping fun. But that quick stop in the sunflowers was a highlight of the trip for me. And Charlotte had fun too!

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