July 10-on-10

This month I’m sharing one of our favorite annual traditions… our trip to pick fresh strawberries at the you-pick farm. We visit this farm several times of year to pick seasonal fruit and veggies and it never disappoints.

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100 Days of Summer – Week 2

Week 2 is officially done already. As I look back on the first two weeks of the project, I realize that its almost all my youngest, Charlotte, and our daily adventures. This is because my oldest two girls are still in school until Wednesday this week. Hopefully as the Summer goes on my two big kids will get in the frame more and the project will become a bit more balanced. Also – when I looked back on last week I realized that for some silly reason, I somehow left out day 5. I went back and added the day 5 image if you feel so inclined to go back and check it out.

Anywho… without further adieu… here is week two! Haha that rhymed!

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June 10-on-10

Wow… June 10th seriously snuck up on me! We’ve been so busy wrapping up the school year with parties and field trips that I can’t believe almost half the month has flown by already! This month, I’m going to share 10 images from our annual Memorial Weekend Camping trip in Traverse City, Michigan. It was a little dicey this year… our water heater broke in the travel trailer and flooded the kitchen. A valve on the toilet broke and flooded the bathroom. Charlotte came down with a fever. Maddie got a stomach bug and barfed all over the bunkhouse. In spite of all the hiccups during our trip, we managed to have a lot of fun!

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